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Smart buildings

Integration of the systems in smart buildings

4 May 2021
Artificial Intelligence

The impact of AI on businesses and economies

20 Apr 2021
Artificial Intelligence

The potential of model explainability

31 Mar 2021
data science

Internship | Data Science

18 Mar 2021
Artificial Intelligence

Understanding Artificial Intelligence, and its subdomains

15 Feb 2021
Artificial Intelligence

Liveable future with Digital solutions

26 Jan 2021
Artificial Intelligence

The efficiency of digital real estate

19 Jan 2021
Artificial Intelligence

Technology (AI) & Investment management

8 Dec 2020
Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered governments

1 Dec 2020
Artificial Intelligence

The Digital Transformation of the Real Estate Market

24 Nov 2020
Smart City

Future of SMART cities

2 Nov 2020
data science

AI Research: OCR and deep learning neural networks

29 Sep 2020

Client Case - Outpatient clinic Dietics

14 Sep 2020
Artificial Intelligence

The future of real estate and AI

4 Jun 2020
Artificial Intelligence

AI Will Be Revolutionary

14 May 2020
Artificial Intelligence

AI-Powered Company

30 Apr 2020

Turning data into value

9 Apr 2020

AI-driven Document Digitization

26 Mar 2020

Auto Deployer Internship

18 Mar 2020

Data Integration

26 Feb 2020

Data Quality – The challenge of a dirty PDF

29 Jan 2020

Marketing Internship - Clappform

14 Jan 2020

Low Code

9 Dec 2019

Green Technology

2 Dec 2019

Cloud Platform

20 Nov 2019

Our Mission & Vision

18 Nov 2019

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