Property management

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Get more out of your data with an integrated platform for all functionalities. Securely available to you anytime, anywhere.

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Key features:

Drag & drop.

Choose your own functionalities in one easy-to-use dashboard and automate processes.


Portfolio insights in real-time. Easily available in a clear overview.

Fully digital administration

Including billing, churn management, contracts and floorplans.

Data integration

Complete insight into all your important documents and automatic integration with accounting systems.

Get more out of your data

  • Link Clappform to your accounting system (and automatically create financial reports)
  • Predict your cash flows, such as maintenance and rent development
  • Calculate your sustainability and potential cost savings
  • Get automatic advice when maintenance needs to be carried out
  • Get automatic advice on how to save costs

Automate processes

  • Create financial reports with one click of the mouse
  • Automate communications, such as reminders and maintenance requests
  • Set push notifications for whatever you want and whenever you want
  • Efficient complaints portal

Consumption and durability

  • Couple data from solar panels, heat pumps, etc. to the Clappform system.
  • Automatic integration with your accounting and portfolio management

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