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Clappform Insurance is a solution for insurers and insurance brokers. With Clappform Insurance you can use smart systems and AI to automatically create and send forms, track and process claims, have documents read, view insurance policies and customer data and exchange documents securely. This not only saves you time on simple tasks, but also allows you to work more effectively.


The flexible Clappform Insurance Dashboard has been specially developed for insurers and insurance brokers. In this dashboard, users can have an overview of their customers, their insurance products, all relevant policies and all damage claims. Send automated e-mails and forms to your customers with one click to increase your efficiency in handling claims.

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Artificial Intelligence

For users, our AI algorithms can:

  • Detect fraud
  • Automatically read documents and convert them into text files. Data is automatically extracted from a PDF (scan) using optimal character recognition (OCR). These are then safely stored as text in the cloud database.
  • Analyzing customer profiles, identifying risks and calculating ideal prices based on these profiles.

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